For Retailers

The Context Report: Retail
The Context Report: Retail employs data from 90 million debit and credit cards in partnership with Affinity Solutions. This data-centric offering provides those with strategic responsibility in retailer organizations with critical context on their performance relative to competitors, and provides views into how retailers’ shoppers behave beyond that retailers’ own walls. Armed with this competitive context, retailers can be confident that they are making the right strategic and tactical decisions. Click here to learn more.
Advisory and Consulting Services
CassarCo provides strategic analytic services to retailers and brands. In some cases we work with data that retailers already have, providing the analytic chops and industry experience needed to clarify the right path forward. In other cases we bring the data as well as the analytic expertise.

For Retail Technology Providers

Outsourced Thought Leadership 
While COVID-19 has halted in-person industry events, the sales teams that sell technology solutions to retailers still need sales leads. CassarCo creates original research for technology providers designed to educate readers (or viewers), create leads, and position a technology vendor as a valued resource. Think of it as having a world-class analyst on staff, but only when you need it.

Advisory and Consulting Services
As technology and operations services firms seek to define their value proposition to retailers, CassarCo provides consulting and analytic services to help them validate the importance of their role in the market, to assess potential markets, and to validate the efficacy of their offerings to retailers.

For Data Providers

Advisory & Consulting Services
With 25 years’ retail and analytic experience, CassarCo is uniquely positioned to help data providers determine the value proposition that they can uniquely provide to particular practitioners in the retail industry. We provide competitive analyses, help determine opportunities of strategic focus, and act as an ongoing strategic advisor. 

Retail Industry Productization
CassarCo helps companies for whom data is not a primary occupation gain incremental revenue by mining data by-products of their core business that can provide new insights to retailers. In some cases CassarCo plays an advisory role, in others CassarCo brings these new insights to market under the CassarCo products banner.
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