Know your customers from a broader perspective.
Understand your competitors more deeply.
Make better decisions as a result.


The Context Report: Retail employs data from more than 90 million debit and credit cards in partnership with Affinity Solutions. This easy-to-use Excel-based offering provides those with strategic responsibility in retailer organizations with critical context on their performance relative to competitors' and provides views into how their shoppers behave beyond their own walls. 

In its simplest form, The Context Report: Retail allows retailers to benchmark their own data against key competitors by week, by channel (online v. offline) and by gender, age, income and ethnicity. 

The premium version of The Context Report: Retail takes this data down to a more granular geographic level and offers critical benchmarking metrics such as omni-channel utilization, purchase frequency, customer overlap, and competitive wallet share.

To get started, retailers only need to provide their set of competitors. No data sharing is required.

To see snapshots from The Context Report: Retail for a group of 6 anonymized apparel retailers, just scroll down. 

If you'd like to talk about whether The Context Report: Retail would be useful for your organization, please drop us a note at or call us at 203.494.3769. 

To download a PDF two-pager with more detail and illustrations of the offering, click here.


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